First Post

Hello! This is my first blog post. In this same place I will talk about programming, technology and other cool things around this subject.


I used Jekyll to create this blog for some reasons:

  1. Practical and easy, allowing me a high level of customization.

  2. GitHub Pages, meaning I no longer need to worry about hosting plus some good advantages.

  3. “Commit” your own posts is cool :smiley:

  4. A new challenge :computer:

The part I most like during the creation of the blog was building a bilingual structure for the whole blog. There are some plugins that I believe that can handle the job, but that was not my intention. I found some blog posts that I used as a base. In the end I created a structure like this:


The portuguese posts remained inside _posts. The different layout files are used to handle the differences between pages. This way I can maintain all that is english inside the EN category.

This is the end for now. Soon enough I will bring more interesting posts (for real).

Written on February 12, 2015