PostgreSQL and Rails

We have some good Open Source Database options available today, and this is really good. Relational or not, what matters is that today we are so covered that sometimes it is hard to decide between so many options, mainly because...

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Cassandra & Ruby

Recently I had the opportunity to play a little bit with the database Apache Cassandra. For you that may find this name odd, Cassandra is a database known for its scalability. Its replication and data partitioning across nodes are...

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Some tips for Rspec users

Rspec is a BDD framweork (Behaviour-Driven Development) supported for a huge community. With this in mind is safe to say that new versions come often and full of new functionalities. This adds flexibility and a better coverage of possible...

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First Post

Hello! This is my first blog post. In this same place I will talk about programming, technology and other cool things around this subject.


I used Jekyll to create this blog for some reasons:

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